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Nothing puts a damper on retirement more than the fear of debt and worrying about monthly payments. 1st Reliant Home Loans will help find the right solution for you. Apply for a 1st Reliant reverse mortgage today.

  • Get Cash from Your Home’s Equity

    Great for senior borrowers who need a more consistent flow of income by accessing equity in their homes.

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  • No Spending Restrictions

    Been dreaming of updating your kitchen? Medical expenses weighing you down? There are no limitations on how you use your reverse proceeds, so you have the freedom to spend it exactly as you please.

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  • Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments

    Borrowers don’t have to make monthly payments, however they must maintain the property and pay taxes and insurance, as a requirement of a reverse mortgage. Loans are repaid with interest and fees when the borrower leaves the property to heirs or sells their home.

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Our 1st Reliant loan specialists are qualified to advise clients to make the best decisions for their situation, which means helping borrowers completely understand each loan type and process. A reverse mortgage isn’t for everyone, but if it fits your financial circumstances, it might be what you’re looking for. We’re here to make sure you are educated in the process and have all the tools you need to get your questions answered.

  • HECM

    A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a reverse mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Borrowers must be 62+ years of age and have equity in their home.

  • Loan Requirements

    As long as you own and live in your home, maintain the property, and pay taxes and insurance on the property, then you have a great chance of qualifying for a reverse mortgage.

  • Product Options

    Choose from a variety of Reverse Mortgage Products that will suit your needs including, HECM Fixed-Rate Loans, HECM Adjustable-Rate Loans, HECM for Purchase, and HECM to HECM Refinancing.

  • Increase Income

    With a reverse mortgage you have the choice of how to receive those payments, whether it be a single lump sum, a regular monthly cash advance, or line of credit. Your loan, your choice.


A plethora of false information about reverse mortgages continues to populate discussion boards on the internet today. At 1st Reliant, we take our reputation and commitment to serving others very seriously. Putting our clients’ money and financial well-being at risk is simply not an option, so we’d like to give you the truth about a reverse mortgage and show you just how beneficial it can be! We can help you get a home loan today

Myth: Once a homeowner takes out a reverse mortgage, the lender becomes the primary owner of the property.
FACT: With a reverse mortgage, borrowers will continue to retain ownership of their home during the life of the loan or until they sell or vacate the property.
Myth: Seniors are only viable for a reverse mortgage if they have a low income.
FACT: Although some borrowers may have a greater need for a reverse mortgage, some simply want to do without monthly mortgage payments in order to live the quality life they desire. No one can be denied a reverse mortgage based on the amount of income they have.
Myth: Heirs to the borrowers will be responsible to repay the loan.
FACT: Your family shouldn’t have to bear this type of burden. If the property is sold to pay off the loan when a borrower passes away or decides to vacate the home for any reason, the reverse mortgage debt will be paid off using the proceeds from the sale, even if the home sells for less than the loan balance. If the family decides to keep the home, only then would they would need to pay the balance in full.


Talk to one of our 1st Reliant loan specialists and find out which loan is right for you. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, so reach out and let us know how we can help.

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